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Zagreb - The Streets

AddThis 6 by TVS!

Like many other cities, Zagreb offers many interesting motives to photograph. However, hunting the right moment and shooting position may prove to be interesting and sometimes even exhausting game!

I'll ad here some images from numerous walks, tram or bus rides through Zagreb streets, avoiding the usual pattern of motives and angles found on so many other publicly available images.

All images here have been taken with Canon EOS 350D, and Canon EF 85mm / 1.8 lens, at lowest possible ISO sensitivity, high shutter speed and apperture as open as possible for the situation.

After taking the RAW images, I applied only the very basic image processing, like croping, resizing and signing them.

To see any image enlarged, just left click the mouse on it.

Pope Benedikt XVI of Roman Catholic Church, took a two days visit to Zagreb, Croatia, on June 4th to 5th, 2011. Following images were taken on the evening of Holy Father's return to Vatican! 

Crowd takes one more chance to thank Holy Father for His visit.
Palmotićeva street, all the way down to Branimirova street.

Motorcade passes five minutes before "papamobile" 
appears nearby old Vlaška street.

Holy Father finally appears in his special vechicle,
Mercedes Benz "papamobile", driven by his Swiss Guardians! 

Let's walk! Good place to start, city's main square - Trg Bana Jelačića ( Ban Jelacic Square)! 

Day Break, Summer 2010, 6 AM

Scouts, Summer 2010, 6 AM

The Director (bird on Ban's Sword), Summer 2010, 6:20 AM

Action Times, Summer 2010, 6:30 AM

Photo taken at a unusually warm and sunny februarry afternoon.

On a way to New Zagreb, crossing the Sava river
Photo taken on the bus ride
Februarry 2010

Main crossing in New Zagreb
Avenija Dubrovnik (east - west direction) and
Avenija Većeslava Holjevca (north - south)
near the recently open Museum of Contemporary Arts
Februarry 2010

Saturday afternoon at King Tomislav Square
Februarry 2010

They own the evening sky, Summer 2010
Nearby King Tomislav Square

Left "Kupola KGZ" gallery, right King Tomislav monument
Late spring evening walk on King Tomislav Square

Late Februarry afternoon view towards Dubrovnik Hotel in Gajeva street.

On her way to work - interesting geometry shapes in the photo
June 2010

Old fashion street lamp in front of the solar watch
at the building in Tkalciceva street
March 2010

Felbinger stairs
connecting Tkalciceva with Radiceva street
at Upper Town, Zagreb.
March 2010

The Visitor from distant Jamaica
April 2010