Show Business

Occasionally I go shooting the showbiz events, either for my own pleasure or on assignment. You'll find some images from such events - like concerts, performances and festivals here.

I took following photographs in "Sax! Club", Zagreb, Croatia, during the "Tribute to Clapton's Music" evening, on March 30th 2009. It is actually Eric Clapton's birthday, so Croatian Blues Forces made a 3 hour cover!

Club scene photography is a very delicate task, since you go for the atmosphere and there's very limited stage light. If musicians are performing some faster pieces, and moving fast, it may prove challenging to get the both: the atmosphere and the sharp images.

I used here Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D) with 17-85 EF IS lens. I did not use tripod, but instead, was looking for a firm seating... directly in front of - or on stage. That's quite vibrating place, due to drums and bass. Shooting at ISO 400 and 800 sensitivity, I managed to reduce the noise, had to shoot with very slow shutter speeds, sometimes down to 1/6 of a second.

In situations like this, the best piece of equipment to have is a very speedy lens, for instance prime lens with aperture 1.8 or even better - 1.4.