Kelly Zullo

Kelly Zullo, is a very talented music artist from New York, that worked also in Nashwile, singer and song writer, currently on her first European Tour. She plays in clubs, where her songs, her voice and her unique guitar playing style easily communicate with the gathered audience.

I had the opportunity to photograph Kelly in her concerts in Zagreb and Varaždin, as well as do some street photo sessions at several Zagreb landmark places, such as Ban Jelacic Square and ancient city center at Upper Town.

Kelly performed in two small but interesting clubs here, one of them being "Booksa" in Zagreb, another one being "Lavra" in Varaždin. Both times, she pleased the audience with her music and performance!

Now, you can check some images of the shows and the walk.

To hear the actual music, you better check if Kelly will appear on stage somewhere in your neighborhood, or visit her web:

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