Kelly in Booksa_hr is small but awesome nice place in Zagreb, one of my favorite places to catch some creative atmosphere. I consider it as a "must visit" for anyone who can spend a couple of days in my hometown and likes to hang around at simple cool club places with high intellectual potential!

I was there just another evening when Kelly Zullo, an very talented music artist from NY appeared with her, well - better said some borrowed guitar. The lady provided almost three hours of fine own music, full of lively stories about her life. I found Kelly's performance and music very pleasing and look forward to meet her again performing anywhere.

Her concert was divided in two parts, and supplemented in the middle by Ivan Skrabo blues appearance, which is also to be applauded for!

Thanks to team for bringing Kelly (and Ivan, too) on stage here!

Now, you can check some images of the show. To hear the actual music, you better check if Kelly will appear on stage somewhere in your neighborhood, or visit her web: