Plesokaz 2011

Dance Festival PLESOKAZ 2011 in Varaždin, Croatia

Last evening of dance festival Plesokaz 2011 at stage of Croatian National Theatre (HNK) Varaždin.

VINDI Dance Studio presented several dance shows by different age groups, from youngest 4 to 6 year old kids, up to "oldest" 16 to 18 group.

Two of ensamble members, Zrinka and Ana performed their farewell dance appearance, since they plans to continue studying elsewhere. Please, take a few minutes and enjoy Zrinka "Astrida" Hrženjak's show under the HNK Varaždin stage lights!

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Thank you, Zinka Astrida!! :)

Thanks to Zrinka's family and coach for supporting her these 14 years.

Whitnessing an photographing her dance appearances at HNK Varaždin stage was a privilege for me!

And now, I can't wait to see her niece Maggie to show up next year, for the first time on the same stage!

For technical enthusiasts:

Photo equipment: Canon EOS 350D, Canon EF 85/ 1.8 lens.

EXIF: ISO: 1600, f: 3.2, shutter 1/125 sec, no flash, only ambiental (stage) lights.