Quijote Transandino

Zgreb, Croatia, one od very last and hot Spring evenings brought "Quijote Transandino" to perform their last concert before Summer holidays. Excellent music, draws it's roots back to Latin America, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. The band has well re-arranged it to feel comfortable even in other cultures. Finnaly, the on stage performance was great!

When it comes to entertainment and music, the show gets only highest marks!!

Photographic issues were, as usual, directed with the club stage lights, or the lack of almost any such devices. That made my decision to shoot photographs in ambiental light probbably an impossible mission.

I went for ISO 1600 sensitivity, and almost fully open apperture, with long exposure times, just to provide as much of the ambient as possible. Due to low light conditions, most photographs are not even close to technical excellence, but I hope they can still ressemble te atmosphere!

Take a look at "Quijote Transandino in MMC Kopriva" photo coverage. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Last sound check, half an hour before show


Quijote Transandino website: http://www.transandino.org/Quijote.html

Quijote Transandino videos: http://www.transandino.org/Video.html