Urban waters

Most cities lay nearby some water, either at some river's banks or at lakes or on sea coastside. But real urban water motives are these decorative elements, such as parks, fountains, waterjumps and similar combination of architecture modified water paths.

Many of these motives can offer the very nice views, sometimes even excellent or spectacular, but when photographed under certain angles and at very selected times of the day.

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A lot of springing water and a bit of light!

Fountain near the Importane Gallery building, Zagreb, Croatia

Ligtht will find it's way!

Fountain in the full moon night

nearby Regent Esplanade Hotel, Zagreb, Croatia


Zrinjevac Park, nearby Palace Hotel, Zagreb, Croatia

Early morning dance of ligtht and water

Zrinjevac Park, Zagreb, Croatia

Samobor creek flowing in town Samobor, Croatia

Fountain at main square in Poreč, Istra, Croatia

Water spring scene nearby railway station

Zagreb, Croatia

Park Mladosti (Youth Park), Varaždin, Croatia

At Ribnjak Park,

in Zagreb, Croatia

fountain in front of Zagreb Municipal Library (KGZ),

partly visible: "Galerija Kupola KGZ" Zagreb, Croatia

Friend Daniel, feeding swan(s) at Aquacity lake, Varaždin, Croatia

Park Mladosti (Youth Park), Varaždin, Croatia