Dance Festival "Plesokaz 2011" in Varaždin, Croatia

Last evening of dance festival Plesokaz 2011 at stage of Croatian National Theatre (HNK) Varaždin.

VINDI Dance Studio presented several dance shows by different age groups, from youngest 4 to 6 year old kids, up to "oldest" 16 to 18 group.

Two of ensamble members, Zrinka and Ana performed their farewell dance appearance, since they plans to continue studying elsewhere. Please, take a few minutes and enjoy Zrinka "Astrida" Hrženjak's show under the HNK Varaždin stage lights!

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Pope Benedict XVI ends visit to Croatia

Sunday, June, 5th, 2011, evening. Holy Father of Roman Catholic church, Benedikt 16th leaving Zagreb, Croatia, at the end of His two days visit. Heading from Zagreb Catherdal at Kaptol, to Pleso International Airport in his "papamobile"!

The Waves of Fascination

Sometimes it happens just like that. You see the motive, and you get caught in action! Can't turn around, go away, you simply have to shoot, your attention is caught! Latest addition to my Water series is a single photo of a sea wave, splashing right in front of my camera, just a few feet away! I felt like watching the first few seconds of creation of the Universe!

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Event: First Standalone Fashion Show

of Croatian Verbotonal Association's Youth Club

Zagreb, Croatia, Czech dome, February 12th 2011, St. Valentine's fashion show. Two young fashion designers, both members of the Club, Miss Nikolina Novoselec and Miss Lana Skeledžija presented their collections at the very cheerful fashion show.

Models, that wore the designers' dresses came from Croatian Verbotonal Association's Youth Club as well as Multiple Sclerosis Society of Zagreb County.

Professional counseling and lead was by Mrs Branka Lukić.

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Event: Movie promotion, "Some Other Stories" (Neke druge priče)

Zagreb, Croatia, CineStar movie multiplex, December 28th 2010. 4Film promotion held Croatian premier show of it's co-production movie "Some Other Stories" ("Neke druge priče"), five part omnibus film, directed by five different directors and filmed separately in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia.

It was interesting asignment!

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Nera Stipičević, actress

My Nephew's wedding / Vjenčanje mojeg nećaka

Joyfull moments! Trenutci radosti u mnoštvu fotki i ponekoj riječi

Old passion

A world on 64 fields!

Recently I joined the local club for a weekend blitz chess tournament. Simply could not resist to play some chess again, as well as to take some pictures of other players' games!

Inner Light

As a photographer, I am always in search for the light. For the inner light...

Red roses, "Hunting the Light" June 2010

June, 21st 2010, photographic gathering and presentation of my work on popular photography book "Hunting the light" ("Lov na svjetlo"). Zagreb, at "Elit Trade ECDL Academy", Kneza Ljudevita Posavskog 3, nearby King Kresimir Square.

Zagorje county, nearby Varazdin, Croatia, June 2010

Velebit mountain, Zavižan peak, Croatia, June 2010

Island Cres, Cres Town, Croatia, May 2010

Above: winter photo, taken at Christmass 2009 in Osijek, Croatia.

My Tennis Training Photos by Astrida

Astrida presents here the short but excellent photo story about the somewhat unusual tennis training, between me and Australian Croat Ivan Markov.

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Welcome to my world of photography!

For more than four decades this amazing kind of culture was and still is my favorite way of expressing my attitude and my feelings! Times have been changing, technologies too. Digital eventually surpassed analog, but my passion remained the same!

So, let me take you to a walk through my world of light, where you can visit different places and people.

I am certain more than ever that the images captured and presented here express

The Light Coming Straight From My Heart!

John Tigi Borg

"The birth of the Dragon" - Photo1 - "The Doughnut Cloud"

Sky phenomenon, interesting cloud transformation over a couple of minutes

on sky above Zagreb downtown in June 2009.

I took the image using Canon Digital Rebel XTi ( EOS 400D ), a DSLR camera,

with Canon EF 1.8 / 50 mm lens.

Copyrighted, available for print or digital design application!

The photo above: Christmas 2009 at Bajer Lake on the southern edge of Osijek, the capital of region Slavonija in Croatia. There was unusual warm weather, 22 degrees C, so I went for a "desert style" photo of this sunset.

Canon 350D, Canon EF 90-300 lens, set to full 300 mm, and aperture wide open at 4.0

The photo left:

Zagreb, Croatia, June 2009, sky phenomenon above downtown area.

The cloud transformation from doughnut form to this dragon like figure lasted less than five minutes.

This is final image in "The Birth of The Dragon" series, consisting of 15 images .