The Motives


A photographer's dream, offers the very finest scenes, worth waiting for!

Give yourself the shot of fresh air!

Visit your local nature parks!

Keep wandering through forests, hills, seaside, rivers and lakes!

Practice patience and you may be rewarded with some of the very exquisite photographic delicious moments, worth questing for!


When photographing the sport events I feel drawn deep into the action, having to observe the match through the viewfinder, to extract the finest moments, and to revive them later on in a way that any beholder can feel like actual court side spectator.

Go and get tickets, ask for accreditation at local sports events, practice your skills and enjoy a brand new feeling of photography!

Simply said - Enter the game!

Historical places and monuments

Taking this particular photo of ancient city of Osor portal, I felt traveling through time, returning in ancient Venetian times and almost meeting in person traders and seamen from all over the world.

Way beyond the beauty of old masters' art, you will find your self becoming the part of these glory days of hard working people and their great achievements and adventures, almost feeling the spirit of greats, like Marco Polo, for instance, being present right now and here!