Advice Request by M,
2009, Jan 28th

Post date: Feb 1, 2010 8:41:24 AM

Dear M,

You asked about situations, where photographer needs a 150 to 300 mm lens, equivalent to classic 35mm film.

On many consumer or "pro-sumer" level DSLR cameras the sensor is about APS C size, or nearing 18 x 24 mm, therefore, it's diagonal being smaller than one of 35 mm frame. Tipically, 35 mm frame has the diagonal about 1.4 to 1.6 times longer, than most sensors on these consumer / semi professional DSLR cameras.

And that means, we discuss here a lenses with focal distance of 105 to 200 mm.

There are several occasions, when 150 to 300 mm telephoto range lens, equivalent to classic 35 mm film, will be more than welcome.

First and foremost is the - distant object. You can't capture such object's details with "normal" lens (50 mm lens on 35 mm Leica format cameras and 30 mm lens on consumer DSLR models). If shooting such image with the normal lens, your desired distant object may become too small to be suitable for the main motive - main part of the photo.

Such motives are found when shooting sport, concerts, architecture and wild nature - especially wild and dangerous animals that you can't approach to much, unless you like putting yourself into dangerous situations.

It happens in the nature, that you simply have the good view from one standpoint and cannot approach any closer to get such great view of the interesting motive in the far distance.

Sport and concert photography involves shooting from the distance and at the same time, you need to produce photos that focus on only one or couple of actual performers, to emphasize the importance of the moment and drama.

When shooting architecture, you may decide to go for the details as well as totals. Therefore, a solid telephoto lens will provide ideal means for completing the task.

I will try to put several example photos these days here on "tigiphoto"!



An example of using normal lens angle to capture a total court situation, as the most important motive.

 An example of using narrow angle, telephoto in sport photography to emphasize the importance of the main motive (here tennis player serving).