Sad History

Post date: Jan 30, 2010 3:40:01 PM

Here in Europe, Polaroid cameras never caught that wide acceptance as they did in US. We were merely accustomed at traditional 35 mm film technology for the every day photography.

However, with the development of digital imaging and photography, lessening costs and ever improving quality of final product - the photographic image itself, even these popular 35 mm films started to vanish from the shops, and camera makers shifted their product lines and business constantly from analog to digital, replacing older analog models with newer digital ones... and since then many times later replacing digital existing models with latest "state of the art" technologies, ever offering more megapixel and more features.

The greatest manufacturers of 35 mm cameras, such as Canon, Nikon and Olympus have survived the transition from analog to digital photography.

On the other hand, former great name of instant photography - Polaroid died and went to bankruptcy in year 2001.  Here is an embedded story about the Polaroid business and bankruptcy.  Watch it close... it is very educating story!

Can you, after watching the slide show compare the story with other, currently mega profitable businesses?